We’ve recently been hearing concerns regarding a Notice For Variance Request sign that has popped up on a lot on Candlelight Lane that we plan to build a new home on. Neighbors are concerned that this means that we’re looking to subdivide the lot and build townhomes, like so many builders in Houston area do. Usually, that is the case – a sign like that pops up and it seems like it’s always a pair of front-loading three-story townhomes. And once the first ones show up, more always seem to follow. We completely understand the response of the neighbors who do not want townhomes popping up in their neighborhood.

We want to make absolutely clear that is NOT happening in this case. There’s a minor discrepancy in the lot that we’re trying to get resolved before we close and build a new single family home. Below is the draft elevation of the home we’re planning to build. We put in a lot of effort to design homes that will fit with the character of the neighborhood. We don’t build townhomes. We won’t do it. One of the things we love about the neighborhoods we build in is their character, and subdividing lots and building townhomes takes away from that.

1127 Candlelight Elevation