The City Cottage Difference

The City Cottage Builders homebuilding process

At City Cottage Builders, our commitment to quality starts from the ground up. Here are the steps in our meticulous building process:



From the start of the project, we ensure the land is properly prepared for construction. We remove all existing topsoil and any underlying soils deemed unacceptable for proper house settling. This excavation can range from a minimum of 12 inches to as deep as 6 feet and is replaced with select fill dirt that meets our high standards. Once the soil is replaced and compacted, a licensed geotechnical specialist conducts additional core sampling to verify that the correct procedures have been followed.



Our engineered foundations from Eric Davis Engineering are custom-designed for each specific lot, taking into account a proper soils report from a certified and licensed geotechnical specialist. This individualized approach ensures a quality foundation tailored to the unique characteristics of your lot.
img Foundation 02
After excavating trenches, setting up form boards, and completing in-ground plumbing, our engineering company conducts a thorough verification process for compliance. This is apart from the mandatory inspections from the City of Houston. Form surveys ensure the correct placement of the house within building code guidelines.
To guarantee adherence to our rigorous standards, on-site representatives from our engineering company, our concrete provider, and a City Cottage Builders employee oversee the concrete pouring process.
img Foundation 03



City Cottage houses use only #2 grade lumber for framing, avoiding #3 lumber to ensure a straighter finish and higher-quality wood.
img Frame 02
Our houses feature Zip System 7/16″ Structural Panels instead of traditional OSB or Thermo Ply for added strength from the structural sheathing. These panels improve energy efficiency by preventing air leakage and keeping heat, water, and moisture out. Though not required in Texas, we believe these extra steps significantly enhance the durability and comfort of the homes we build.
Throughout the framing process, our in-house staff and engineers conduct thorough inspections to ensure the correctness of room dimensions, nail patterns, windstorm resistance, and structural strapping.
img Frame 03

By adhering to these meticulous steps, we ensure that every City Cottage home is built on a foundation of quality and integrity, setting the stage for the next phases of construction that will bring your dream home to life.